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My warrior queen - Satwinder

Monochrome wedding pictures, their fading pallor, Encapsulating Mom’s pretty and coy demeanour A city lass, who adapted prudently, To an agrarian set-up, with Dad’s mentoring His premature adieu, left her bereft, Unyieldingly, she powered through with zest, Her tenacity and fortitude, far outstretched Example of human resilience, forever etched. Unparalleled support and privileges, we, her children, received, Of her altruism, well, many speak .

A free thinker, she did what she thought was right, Even with odds stacked against her, she gleamed bright Taking a page from her book, I bow, My warrior queen, they don’t make ‘em like you anymore. - written by Satwinder Kaur Buwal's daughter Nikku Dhillon

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